Gasses Available

Argon & Argon/CO2

Argon is the most common welding shielding gas. Used for aluminum, steel and other materials its performance is unparalleled. Aside from welding it is used in the food industry and many other applications where an inert gas is required. 


CO2 is one of the most versatile products on our line up. As a welding gasses it was one of the first ever used. It is most commonly used for beverages like soda or beer. It can also be used as a propellant as in paintball tanks. In its solid form it is know as "dry ice".


Acetylene gas is a manufactured flammable gas used primarily in cutting and heating applications. The cylinders should never be laid down, as there is a liquid content on the tank that could cause harm.


Nitrogen is a naturally occurring gas that makes up of 75% of the air we breath. In its pure form it is used in a number of applications. In a liquid form it is used to cryogenically freeze items and at events such as night clubs for the cloud effect and crowd cooling. 


We love oxygen! Approximately 20% of the air we breath, it is used in the medical industry.For industrial for cutting and heating applications. In its Pure form oxygen can react to oils and heat and is quite dangerous if not handled properly. 


Helium is a rare inert gas that is unsed in many applications. Most commonly know as balloon gas it does much , much more. It ca be used in laser cutting and printing, as well as, in the food industry. In a liquid form it is used as a refrigerant in MRI equipment to super cool the magnets to -454 degrees fahrenheit!  That's cold!!!